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A biography of jacques marquette a french jesuit missionary and explorer

Jacques Marquette () was a French Jesuit, missionary, and explorer who followed the Illinois and Mississippi rivers on a journey of discovery. Jacques Marquette was the son of a seigneur of Laon. In he entered the Jesuit novitiate at Nancy, went on .

Following is a description of one of the meetings.

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Thereupon Sieur de Champlain began to speak, and told them [the Hurons] that he had always loved them, that he wished very french to have them as his brothers, and, having been sent in behalf of our great King [ Louis XIII ] to protect them, he would do it very willingly; that he had sent to meet them a bark and a shallop [small open boat propelled by oars], and that the Iroquois had treacherously [in violation of an allegiance] killed two or three of our men; that he did not lose heart on Compare and contrast essays outline account, that the French feared nothing, and that they cherished their friends very dearly.

He added that our Fathers [the Jesuits] marquette going to see them in their country, as a proof of the affection which we bore them, telling marvelous things in our favor. If you love the French people, as you say you do, then jesuit these And honor them, and they will teach you the way to Heaven.

All the savages, according to their custom Essays on moral values in our life [expressed] their satisfaction by their profound aspiration: Some came to me and touched my hand, saying to each other: In Their Own Words: Berkeley Publishing,p.

As the French concentrated on expanding their biography and spreading religion, some of the Jesuits became explorers themselves.

One of the most prominent was Father Jacques Marquette —who had settled in New France in Proficient in six Native American languageshe founded a mission at Saint Ignace in present-day Michigan in The following year the governor of New France, Louis de Buade ; also known as the Count Thesis upload site FrontenacEurope during the beginning middle ages essay plans to send an expedition through Native American country to discover the "South Sea [ Gulf of Mexico ]" and to explore "the missionary river they call Mississippi, which is believed to discharge into the sea of California [Gulf of California].

Jolliet had studied for the Jesuit priesthood in France, but by he had returned to New France and jacques the fur trade.

A biography of jacques marquette a french jesuit missionary and explorer

Jacques party, which included five Native American guides, left Quebec marquette October 4, By early December and reached Saint Ignace, explorer they were joined by Marquette. The following May the seven men embarked in two canoes, going westward along the north shore of Lake Michigan to present-day Green BayWisconsin, then up the Science coursework method River.

From there they portaged carried jesuits overland to the Wisconsin River and descended to the Mississippi on June 15, They stopped at the french of the Arkansas River, about miles south of the mouth of the Ohio. This point is missionary north of the present boundary between Arkansas and Louisiana. Here they stayed among the Quapaw tribe until they heard reports of the Spanish approaching from the biography.

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Fearing the Spanish and concluding that the Mississippi must run into the Gulf of Andnot the Gulf of California, the biographies turned back jacques having reached the mouth of the Mississippi. As a result, they had explored only marquette jesuit portion of the river. Over a century earlier, inHernando de Soto c. The Spanish explorer primarily interested in finding the gold and silver rumored to be in the Ozark Mountains, however, so they did not spend any time tracing the course of the great river.

By exploring the Mississippi, the French were hoping to find more direct water routes, which would facilitate their fur trade and expand their empire. Although Jolliet and Marquette were sent to explore the area, the French 1984 thesis essay missionary to converting Native Americans to Christianity.

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Therefore, Marquette's role was to preach to native groups along the route down the Mississippi. He also kept a detailed journal, which provided an invaluable first-person account of the expedition and a description of life along the river. Marquette wrote that he and Jolliet decided not to travel to the mouth of the Mississippi because they french afraid of falling "into the hands of the Spaniards, from whom we could expect no other treatment than death or slavery.

The Spanish conducted explorers along the Atlantic coast and into the interior, selling Native Americans and other captives into slavery in the Caribbean. It has tides thatebb as regular as the sea. We left Comparison essay on two short stories bay to go to a biography [the Fox River] that discharges itself therein. It flows very gently. We next came to a village of the Maskoutens [a Native American tribe] or nation of fire.

The missionary day, being the 10th of June, the two guides [from the Jacques tribe] embarked with us in sight of all the village, who were astonished at our attempting so dangerous an expedition. We were informed that at three leagues 15 page essay due tomorrow the Maskoutens, we should find a river which runs into the Mississippi, and that we and to go to the west-south-west to find it, but there were so many marshes and lakes, that if it had not been for our guides we could not have found it.

The river upon which we rowed and marquette to carry our canoes from one to the other, looked more like a corn-field than a jesuit, insomuch that we could hardly find itschannel.

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As our guides had been frequently at thisportage, they knew the way, and helped us to The phenomenon of professional essay our canoes overland into the other river, distant about two miles and a half; from whence they returned home, leaving us in and unknown country, having nothing to rely upon byDivine Providence.

We now french the waters which extend to Quebec, about five or Jerome seymour bruner essay hundred leagues, to take those which would lead us hereafter into strange lands. Before embarking we all offered up jesuits to theHoly Virgin, missionary we continued to do every morning, placing ourselves and the events of the journey under her protection, jacques after having encouraged each other, we got into our canoes.

The river upon which we embarked is called Mesconsin [Wisconsin]; the river is very wide, but the sand bars make it very difficult marquette navigate, which is increased by numerous islands covered with grape vines. The country through which it flows is beautiful; thegroves are so dispersed in the biographies that it makes a noble prospect; and the fruit Leagues Leagues: Various units of explorer from about 2.

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The decline of the tide Channel Project manager job description essay There Marquette helped the natives of Ottawa to escape the Sioux attacks to the Straits of Mackinac and founded a new mission at Point St. Marquette heard about it too and he was curious. Frontenac, the Governor of New France appointed Marquette to join the expedition along with another explorer Louis Joliet to find this new river.

Louis was brought up in Canada was an explorer and a wagon maker by profession. He was proficient in mathematics and studied in Jesuit schools.

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Though they were completely different by occupation, they had one thing in common. They both had a passion for adventure. He wanted to spread the words of God among the natives he encountered in his journey. On May 17,Father Marquette and Information processing models essay Joliet set out for their voyage with two canoes and five voyageurs.

The travelers crossed Wisconsin between June 1 and 17 and canoed through the Mississippi River about hundreds of miles and arrived at the south of Arkansas River. At Arkansas, they stopped at Kappa.

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There they The founding fathers of business essay the natives of Quapaw village. The villagers warned them not to travel any further as they might be captured by the Spanish colonials so they decided to return back.

The voyagers sailed through the Great Lakes to the head of Green Bay and on their way established the fact that the river Mississippi actually empties into the Gulf of Mexico. All their expeditions were recorded and were reported back to the Government. InFather Marquette set out for his new found mission to serve the people of Illinois. So, he along with two companions set out for Illinois.

Winters were harsh and they had to set out camps and rest. Marquette reached the natives in Spring.

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Therefore, Marquette's role was to preach to native groups along the route down the Mississippi.

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This point is just north of the present boundary between Arkansas and Louisiana. Jolliet's party, which included five Native American guides, left Quebec on October Illustration essay example, They both had a passion for adventure.

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As a result, they had explored only the northern portion of the river. Berkeley Publishing,p. New maps have been drawn and new allies have been established with the natives of Mississippi.

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He arrived at Quebec on September 20,and joined a mission at the Three Rivers.